Draft 2040 General Plan Policy Document Now Available!

The Draft 2040 General Plan Policy Document was released on July 20, 2022 for public review. The Draft General Plan Policy Document outlines the goals, policies, and programs the city will adopt looking forward to 2040 on a wide range of topics, such as Housing, Economic Development, and Environmental Justice.


Rohnert Park is a master-planned community in Sonoma County, located along the Northwestern Pacific right-of-way and Highway 101. Since its last update in 2000, much has changed in the city and the region. With this General Plan Update process, we will consider many issues, including but not limited to, how to balance the preservation of Rohnert Park's heritage with the changes desired for the future.

As this project progresses, this website will be your primary source for access to all materials related to the General Plan update, including project documents, meeting dates and times, as well as information on the basics of a general plan to get you oriented to this process. Simply use the menus to obtain the information you need. Feel free to check out the "How to Guide" under the Resources menu for an in-depth look at how to use this website.

Housing Element Update

Along with other municipalities in Napa County and Sonoma County, the City of Rohnert Park is currently updating its Housing Element for the 2023-2031 period, which includes updates from the 6th Cycle of the Regional Housing Needs Assessment ("RHNA"), which projects each region's future housing needs across all income groups.

The City invites you to visit the Let's Talk Housing website by the Napa Sonoma Collaborative to learn more about the Housing Element update process, participate via surveys, and attend events.

More information to be posted soon!

Check back soon to learn about upcoming opportunities to learn more about and provide feedback for the 2040 General Plan!

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