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rpgpu prd cc lu communitycharacter 2018 10 07 cover

Land Use and Community Character Whitepaper

The Land Use and Community Character Whitepaper describes existing conditions related to land use and community character in Rohnert Park. It describes the planning boundaries that are used to regulate development in Rohnert Park and the key land use policies and regulations from the City’s existing General Plan, Zoning Ordinance, Specific Plans, and other planning and regulatory documents. This Whitepaper also describes the current land uses that can be found within the Planning Area, as well as future development capacity.

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Economics Whitepaper

The Economics Whitepaper focuses on market conditions and projections that may affect the demand for land uses planned under the General Plan Update. Within the context of regional growth patterns, the paper addresses population, housing, and job growth in Rohnert Park. It describes growing business sectors, the gaps in retail shopping opportunities that may be met through new development, as well as an analysis of hotel occupancy and potential demand for new lodging facilities.

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Transportation Whitepaper

The Transportation Whitepaper describes the existing and planned transportation network of streets, bikeways, sidewalks, trails, and transit routes in Rohnert Park. It describes the latest developments in the field of transportation planning for the purpose of updating the General Plan. This Whitepaper also outlines a framework for the development of new California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) thresholds of significance in response to the State-mandated transition from automobile delay/Level of Service (LOS) to vehicle-miles traveled (VMT).

rpgpu prd cc climatechange 2018 10 04 cover

Climate Change Whitepaper

This Whitepaper describes current conditions trends, and regulatory issues pertaining to climate change as it relates to Rohnert Park. It includes an inventory of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and an assessment of climate change related vulnerabilities, such as extreme heat, precipitation, drought, wildfire, and flooding. The Whitepaper describes and builds on information from State agencies, utilities, and other organizations. The environmental implications of the General Plan Update, including its assessment and planning for climate change, will be addressed as part of the program environmental impact report that will be prepared for the General Plan Update.

rpgpu prd cc ej 2018 10 04 cover

Environmental Justice Whitepaper

Environmental justice concerns have been part of the legislative landscape in California for two decades. In 2016, California Senate Bill 1000 (SB 1000) was enacted. Starting January 1, 2018, it requires cities and counties to, upon the adoption of their general plan or the concurrent update of two or more general plan elements, to identify disadvantaged communities and, if identified, include an environmental justice element, or, alternatively, environmental justice goals, policies, and objectives within other elements. This bill aims to address the statewide problem of certain communities bearing a disproportionate burden of pollution and environmental hazards more than others; residents in these communities face higher rates of asthma, birth defects, cancer, and other health problems, and incompatibility in land uses and lack of infrastructure are at the forefront of environmental inequities. This Whitepaper looks at three communities within Rohnert Park that may experience environmental inequities.

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Newsletter #2

Newsletter #2 provides a snapshot of the findings from each of the existing conditions whitepapers. The information presented represents a snapshot in tie and will provide a baseline that will be used to develop alternatives for the community's future and analyze the environmental impacts associated with these choices. 

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Newsletter #1

Newsletter #1 provides an overview of the General Plan Update program.

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